Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Zetia doesn't work

You've seen the ads. I've seen the ads. Zetia acts in that "special" way to rid your body of cholesterol. But as the New York Times reported yesterday, the drug is worse than useless. How can this be? According to the ads, this drug is miraculous. It literally digs the cholesterol out of your food before it can do you any damage. The ad was so popular and clever, it won a best brand of year award on the Pharma Marketing Blog.

There's only one small problem with Zetia. It doesn't do a damn thing. Oh, wait, it does one thing--it lowers cholesterol. By 15 to 20 percent in most patients. But it has absolutely zero effect on heart disease and stroke prevention.

But wait, you say. How can it be that a drug lowers cholesterol but doesn't prevent heart disease? What about statins? They lower cholesterol and they also help prevent heart attacks and strokes. What gives?

And the answer is ... you read it here, folks. High cholesterol does not cause heart disease. Statins work because they have other properties unrelated to cholesterol. It's painful but true. Someone somewhere got it wrong, and for some odd reason, no amount of proof--not even this latest Zetia finding--seems to undo it. Go figure. Or go check out this radical site, and have your mind blown.

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