Sunday, May 18, 2008

Twitter--the "huh?"-mobile

I like Twitter. I love that there is a now a place where I can "follow" someone I once met at a party or saw on a webcast from some random social networking conference. It all taps into the deepest, darkest part of my psyche. To whit, my inner stalker is sooo excited about this site. And yet, I must ask this question: what the heck is everyone talking about? A few random examples of Twitter tweets I've seen recently are....

LuisRivera all the geeks were inside the cafeteria. Free food too at WhereCamp. (Robert Scoble).

at dan huards bday party dinner, dan just ordered the 05 stags leap artemis cab, soo good (Kevin Rose),

and finally the most eloquently indecipherable of all:

I never listen to branding police. :-) But Bwana points out it's Blu-ray. Heheh
. (Two-time winner Robert Scoble)