Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Second Life slaps down TV

A new Deloitte survey found that 69 percent of Americans consider their computer more entertaining than their TV, reports my friend Jon Greer in his new BNET column, "Catching Flack." But here's a little detail I found even more amazing, after the jump...

This tidbit from the Deloitte study should give everyone pause: Second Life is a better place to do product placement than anywhere else online, at least as far as 19 percent of GenXers are concerned. That's my generation for ya. We love escape, and we love buying stuff. What better way to mix them than to stick a can of Pepsi in the hand of some hot young avatar while mixing it up at the Angry Ant? Still, that's a big number. Should make every big advertiser think about getting into virtuality, wouldn't you say?

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