Friday, January 18, 2008

Steve Jobs rebuffs SF blogger

Apple fans love Steve Jobs, but as Forbes' Brian Caulfield reports today, Jobs "can't love them back, at least not the way they want." What a great line. (Okay, full disclosure, I know Brian--he was my editor at Red Herring and is also one of my favorite tech biz writers.)

According to the article, Jobs was so swamped with fans at the MacWorld Expo in San Francisco this week that a few got dissed, not least Violet Blue, a Mac fan who writes the popular blog Tiny Nibbles, and is a well known San Francisco blogger, vlogger and author. She's also a sex advice columnist for the Chron. Hardly a nobody.

Even worse, the group surrounding Jobs "sniggered" when he turned his back to her, according to the article. Ouch! I'll tell you what I think happened: a beautiful woman wants to take a pic with Jobs, and he and his friends are so thrilled that their geekiness is now worthy of such attention, they turn into blithering idiots. Which in my book makes them unworthy.

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