Friday, January 25, 2008

The strangest job ad I've ever seen on Craigslist

As a writer, I'm aware we can be called upon to do some strange jobs. But today's ad on Craigslist takes the cake. The listing reads, in part: "Writer needed to work as Private Investigator," with the following job description: "Private investigations firm is seeking a writer willing to work as a private investigator. The concept behind this position is to provide the writer with the foundation to create a magazine or newspaper column dedicated to investigating infidelity, fraud, and computer crimes." Whaa??? But then it really gets weird.

In the job description, there are several qualities listed that the "writer should possess." They are:
• The ability to perform the job of private investigator
• The ability to perform as a team player
• The ability to retain critical investigative procedures
• The ability to elicit behavior from the investigative subjects
• The ability to ask pertinent questions of the investigative subjects
• The ability to act
• The ability to perform the above tasks while wearing a bodywire or a hidden camera
• The ability to meet a deadline
• The ability to search for and gather information
• The ability to respond to reader inquiries and situations with varying degrees of intelligent humor, wit, sarcasm, and common sense.
• A passion for helping those who are victims

Varying degrees of intelligent humor, wit, and saracasm, eh? Could this be the kind of intelligence that sniffs out phony job listings? Or, is this for real and they're just hoping for some kind of free publicity? Pretty likely, especially considering the salary for the position will "be negotiated upon experience and media contacts."

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