Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Greentech Media is da bomb

I'm working on a story that involves clean tech--you know, that new hot thing that's going to help the world get a little cooler--and I've found an invaluable aid. Greentech Media, started by my former Red Herring colleague Jennifer Kho, is a treasure trove of news and data about anything and everything related to solar, wind, biomass and just about every other green idea out there. I'm so proud of Jenn, who was a mere mortal reporter like the rest of us and made the leap to publisher simply on the basis of her deep knowledge and understanding of this vast and growing field.

I'm also discovering just how useful this site is. It's easy to navigate. My first search yielded valuable information. (A miracle.) Even the advertising was helpful, giving a sense of which investors and law firms are getting on the clean tech bandwagon. Good going, Jenn!

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