Friday, February 27, 2009

That's not writing. That's typing.

I sweat over these posts, I really do. So much to say, and all this room to say it in. But this time, I won't. This time, you see, I have nothing of importance to say. Somewhat like this panel on cloud computing I attempted to watch today. So much talking, and so little said.

I have to agree with Robert Scoble, who put it this way: "I hate panels ... They have the most well-known cloud experts. But we aren't learning all that much. And this is one of the most entertaining and knowledgeable set of people you will see on a single stage."

Yet, the Twitter hash on the thing was pretty amusing, as were the comments on the Ustream feed. Which leads me to this perhaps non-techy observation--the reason that cloud computing is exciting is not really anything to do with computing. The hardware--and even the applications themselves--are only of interest to a select group of people with a direct stake in them. For the vast majority, what's exciting about cloud computing is something else. Something to do with community. Or something.

Update even later in this late and lazy night: Christopher Kusek has written something quite intelligent on the topic, with promises to start a cloud blog.

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Anonymous said...

" So much talking, and so little said."

Now you know how men feel when women speak.