Thursday, May 6, 2010

What to do if you have blogging writer's block

Don't blog.


Anonymous said...

Posting a photo, video or audio (like with CinchCast) can be a quick easy post to fill in when words escape :)

Sunshine said...

Thanks Stu--I agree with you that these are good tools. However, my larger point is this: the whole idea of blogging writer's block is almost a contradiction in terms. I say this as much to myself as anyone. For most of us, blogging is optional. If we're finding ourselves thinking "I should blog--what should I blog about?" we're undermining the entire purpose of a blog, which is to write about topics we feel passionately moved to talk about in a public forum. If we think we "should" do something, that means we're working against our own grain, urging ourselves in some direction that we don't want to go. We've turned our hobby into "work," in the worst possible sense of the word. Instead of bringing us joy, it's another pressure we load on ourselves. And for what? Most of us aren't paid to blog, and even if we are, the format is such that it needs to be spontaneous and fresh--coming from our heart. So, you see, I did have a lot to blog about!