Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Frankly My Dear ... Another Aptonym!

A video clip of a certain congressman has been making the rounds today that is a perfect illustration of an aptonym. An aptonym is a name that is all too appropriate for its holder. As readers of this blog know, I am a particular aficionado of this phenomenon, which is also known as "nominative determinism." I have posted on it several times, offering such examples as New York Times reporter Louise Story and Bernard Madoff who "made off" with billions in others' money.

But today's coverage of U.S. Representative Barney Frank being, well, completely frank with a member of the audience really takes the biscuit as far as I'm concerned.


Matt said...

Hey your name is an aptonym too, right?!?

Sunshine said...

Yes, it is! I guess I should've mentioned that in my post. My name (first and last) actually means Sunshine from the west. I have a sunny disposition, live in California, and work in PR. Voila! Sunshine from the west.